Forms & Applications

Generally, Maine provides a variety of options for completing required processes online. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has made all of the essential forms available online. You can just print them, fill them out, and sign them.
Please make sure you have Adobe Reader installed in order to download and open the forms. However, you should take into account that you cannot submit an application online. You can only download it and fill it in. Below is the list of necessary forms in PDF format.


PS-15 Seatbelt Exemption Placard Application
PS-18 Disability Plates/Placard Application
MVR-17 Emergency Medical Services Plate Application
PS-43 Firefighter Plate Application
MV-45 Vanity Plate Application
CDL and/or School Bus License Application
Identification Card Application
Duplicate Driver's License or Identification Card Application
Learner's Permit Application
Motorcycle License Application
IFTA Application
Special Fuel Users Maine Only Application
IFTA/IRP On-Line Licensing Agent Application
IFTA/IRP On-Line Carrier Account Application
72 Consecutive Hour Trip Permit Application
Canadian Weight Limits Permit Application
Overlimit Permit Application
2023 UCR Application
Vanity Plate Application Instructions
Driver Education School License Application
Motorcycle School Application
Motorcycle Instructor Application
Note: Tap on the words to download the forms.

Driver License

To get the info about your Driver’s License Cancelation you have to fill in the Information About Cancelling Your Driver's License form.
For Driver’s license birth affidavit, you have to fill in the Birth Affidavit form.
If you want to register your vehicle to CDL for schools fill in the CDL and/or School Bus License Application.
A medical check-up is necessary and you have to submit a Medical Evaluation Form (CR-24).
Eye check-up requires the MVE-103 form.
Gender designation is available to submit via the Gender Designation Form.
CDL Medical Self-Certification Form
CDL Certification for Military Even Exchange Program
If you have lost or damaged your driver’s license you have to submit Duplicate Driver's License or Identification Card Application.
Other related forms:
Permittee's Driving Log
Residency Affidavit
Restricted Driver's License (15-year-olds) Petition
Translation Certificate
Restricted License Petition (Admin. OUI suspensions/Habitual Offenders)

Education Forms

Driver Education School License Application
Motorcycle School Application
BRC New Course Repor
Driver Education New Course Report
Driver Education Student Record Sheet
Proof of Teaching
Lost Driver Education Completion Certificate
Driver Education & Motorcycle Rider Education Program Complaint Form
Driver Education Course Completion Report


MVT-44 Form Request Sheet
MVT 30 Instructions - Title Application
MVT-28 Notice of an Abandoned Vehicle
MVT-2 MH Manufactured/Tiny Home Title Application
MVT-28A Notice of an Abandoned Vehicle Instructions
MVT-32 Odometer Information
MVT-103 Rebuilt or Repaired Salvage Vehicle Affidavit
MVT-29 Fee Schedule - Title Application and Information
MVT-8 Duplicate Title Application
MVT-6 Assignment of New Vehicle Identification Number Application
MVT-27 Consent of Lien Holder
MVT-48 Assignment of Lien
MVT-34 Antique Auto, Horseless Carriage or Classic Vehicle Affidavit
MVT-26 Notice of an Abandon Vehicle by an Independent Entity
MVT-24 Abandon Vehicle Release Statement
MVT-18 Title Surety Bond
MVT-22 Surviving Spouse or Personal Representative Affidavit
MVT - 54 Scrapped Vehicle by Recycler Notification
MVT-5 Repossession Affidavit
MVT-12 Release of Lien
MVT-10 Vehicle Identification Number Inspection Form
MVT-3 Withdrawal of Title Application Request