Maine License Plates Types

Generally, Maine has several types of license plates available for its residents. Specialty, vanity, standard-issue, combination, appointed, and temporary license tags you can order from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
The article below discusses each type of license plate along with the application process and requirements.
First of all, specialty plates
It is a specially designed tag that people are to utilize to show their support for
  • educational institutions
  • charity organizations
  • fundraising
For now, Maine offers 9 types of specialty decals.


The law allows having three letters and three digits on the tag. You should use only dashes and spaces. The lettering must show support to a group.


Specialty license plate signup costs vary. The cost of a specialty license plate is added to the standard charges.


Vanity ones are designed to personalize the lettering on the tag. They help you to show your uniqueness. As for restrictions, it should have up to five characters which are letters, digits, spaces, and dashes. However, the personalized ones are allowed to include up to 7 characters.
Take into account that you can use digits, numbers, etc. However, all the combinations must have at least one letter.


The cost for vanity decals is $25 and you have to pay it in addition to your registration charges. It’s not the end. Each renewal will cost $15.

Application Process

Actually, you can submit an application online or in person. In all cases you have to provide the following:
  • Filled and signed request form
  • Registration Copy
  • Vehicle’s Title
  • Payment Cheques
  • Email address
  • Proof of identity
Before submitting the data you may run a quick Maine License Plate lookup to check the availability of the lettering you want. The entire procedure could take up to 30 working days. You will receive formal signup records as well as a new license plate in the mail.


As mentioned above you are to use up to 7 letter-digit combinations. However, make sure the lettering
  • doesn’t have offensive or vulgar character
  • isn’t discriminative
  • meets all the state requirements

General Issue

The Chickadee one is Maine's standard-issue decal. It has the most basic design. The tag is available in a variety of classifications. For example, Antique Automobiles, Bus, Farm, Hire, and so on.


A "combination" vehicle is an automobile or sport utility vehicle that is used to transport people.
Furthermore, the passenger car with a contract with the State, school district, or municipality for student transfer must be placed on the list of "combinations." It does not, however, apply to parents or legal guardians driving the vehicle.
The cost varies slightly depending on the registered pounds. The fee for a pickup truck or an automobile used as a passenger transport vehicle, for example, varies. The charge for automobiles for 6,000 or less is $35.

Appointed Tags

Commercial cars or motorcycles are typically required to get apportioned ones. You must register it using the International Plan (IRP). These tags are generally for trucking companies who want to travel in more than two IRP jurisdictions and exceed a particular weight restriction.
Actually, ME is a full participant in the IRP. So, cars and motorcycles registered here are required to have IRP registration if they travel to another IRP jurisdiction.

Temporary Tags

When you apply for your vanity tags before you get them BMV issues you temporary tags to operate lawfully within the state. However, it’s only valid for a one-way trip. The residents often call this type a round-trip if the BMV approves 10 days period.
The charge for temporary tags is $12. However, based on the type it may exceed $25.

Transferring or Surrendering

If you register your new automobile in the same year as the previous registration is canceled, you are allowed to transfer your tags. The charge for the transfer is $8. There may also be a discrepancy in registration fees, which you must pay again.
If you no longer require your decals, you should return them to the BMV. You must complete and notarize the Cancelation Request and return it to the address specified.