Obtaining an Identification Card

Anyone who can submit documentation of legal status in the United States and a physical residence in Maine can apply for an official state non-driver identity card.
Make sure your Social Security Number is on file with the Secretary of State. If not, you have to obtain it first and then submit your application. You must produce an unexpired immigration document, such as an I-94 if you believe you are ineligible for a social security number.

Where can I get my identification card?

State Identification Cards are issued by all motor vehicle branch offices and mobile unit sites.
The cost of obtaining identification is $5.00. A REAL ID State Identification Card, on the other hand, costs $30.00.
On the application day, please submit
  • Identity Proof
  • Birthdate
  • Written Signature
If approved successfully, you will receive your identification cards for up to 3 weeks.
Note: You have to renew them following the same process as for the DLs. Renewal is available in-person or online.


Since 2019 the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles issues Real IDs for drivers. Anyone who needs a Real ID-compliant driver's license or identification card can now get one at their local BMV office.
What do you need on application day? Let’s look at the criteria:
  • First of all, you have to fill in an application.
  • After, you have to have your photo taken.
  • 2 proof of identity. The first one must have your full name and birthdate, the second one your written signature of yours.
  • Submit proof of Maine residency.
  • Have the Social Security Number or evidence of Social Security Number ineligibility with you.
Note: Make copies of all required documents beforehand.

Related Info

Because the REAL ID requirements say that an individual can only have one REAL ID compliant credential - either a driver's license or an identification card - you can't have both.
You must apply for a REAL ID-compliant driver's license or identification card in person at a BMV branch office or mobile unit for the first time. A REAL ID will not be available online or at a AAA office.


Non-commercial license, original or renewal (under 65) $55 Non-commercial license, original or renewal (65 and older) $40 Commercial license, original or renewal (under 65) $59 Commercial license, original or renewal (65 and older) $47 Identification card, original or renewal $30 All duplicate licenses or duplicate identification cards $30

ID Card Renewal

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles provides an online service for renewing or purchasing a replacement Maine ID card at any time of day or night. The online approach is simple, and credit card payment is quick and secure.
This online service is for renewing or replacing a credential that does not require any changes. This service is available to any Maine licensed driver who has an active digital license, digital motorcycle license, or digital motor-driven cycle limited license, as well as any bearer of a digital Maine ID card.
If your driving privilege is suspended or revoked, you will be unable to use this service and will be required to visit a BMV office unit. Other conditions making you not eligible for online services are
  • If you hold a CDL.
  • You are not a Maine resident.
  • The BMV has not received verification of your legal presence.
  • You have to make an address change.
  • Since your last renewal, you've changed your name.
  • You want to lose weight or change your hair color.
  • Since your last renewal, you have developed a medical condition or an existing medical condition has altered.
For renewal you need:
  • Valid SSN
  • A Credit card
  • A printer for online service