Teen Driver Information

In Maine, teen drivers have to meet specific requirements to obtain a driver’s license. They all meet state restrictions based on their age and the vehicle operating experience.

Leaner's Permit

Any motorist who is at least 15 years old is eligible for a Maine learner’s permit. However, before submitting an application, you have to first fulfill the education requirements.

Application Process

Any teen who wants to obtain the permit has to:
  • apply to the nearest Bureau Of Motor Vehicles
  • submit proof of ME residency
  • provide the citizenship documents
  • submit one consent written and signed by parents or legal guardians
  • complete vision test
  • successfully pass the written exam


After six months of holding the permit, you can take the required tests and submit an application for full privilege. You'll also need your parents' written permission in this case. The notification should attest that you have finished the required number of hours of driving, which is 70 hours, 10 of which has to be completed at night.
The instruction permit is valid for 270 days till you satisfy all the requirements for the full driver’s privilege.
First of all, you are not allowed to drive from midnight till 5. am. You cannot transport any not immediate family members if you are alone in the car without a licensed supervisor.
Whenever you violate any of these rules you will face fines and penalties. The minimum fine is $250.

Hardship Permit

In case you are under 15 and have provided one of these following hardships you are eligible for a hardship permit:
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Employment
You are to
  • fill in an application form
  • submit 70 hours of driving on highways and roads
  • meet education criteria
  • pass driving test
You are, however, exempt from the standard six-month waiting period.

Insurance Regulations

Before you can legally drive your car on Maine roads you have to register it, title, and have valid Maine license plates attached. However, it is not the end. You have to provide an insurance certificate. The state insurance requirements are as follows:
  • Firstly, you have to meet the liability criteria. Your liability must include at least $25.00 for property damage and $50.000 for bodily injury.
  • Secondly, you have to submit the coverage for motorists and passengers. It must include at least $2000 for medical services.
You will be fined if you fail to produce a valid insurance certificate. The fine ranges from $100 to $500. Your privilege may be canceled or suspended in addition to the fee. If that's the case, you'll have to keep proof of vehicle insurance for three years after you've been reinstated.

Driver's License

Drivers under the age of 21 are still subject to various limitations once the 270-day period has elapsed. The limitations are
  • Using a telephone while driving is forbidden for all drivers under the age of 21, including those with an intermediate permit.
  • A conviction for an infraction will result in the suspension of your DL.
  • You cannot drive under influence. It can result in at least one-two years of suspension.
  • If you refuse to take OUI/BAC test you may again face suspension.
The suspension period is based on how many previous offenses you have. If it’s your first offense it would be suspended for 30 days. The second one is 180 days and the third one at least one year.